An Abhallann

Progress Report – A truly significant day

On a beautiful spring day a truly significant event took place on Oulart Hill with the planting of apple trees (The translation of Oulart – An Abhallann meaning Orchard)  and the laying stone marker. A fitting coincidence was the arrival of the 3rd Battalion from Steevens Barracks, Kilkenny on a tour of the 1798 sites in the area. Many of the people involved and present are direct descendants of those that took to the hill on that historic day of 27th of May, 1798. A special work of thanks to John Joe Hyland for all his work and expertise in choosing the tree varieties and general advice.


Brian O Cleirigh gave us this report

“The day went extremely well. Thank you John Dempsey and Lawrence Roche for the early start and all your help in the morning early, when we got the Abhallann stone set up and it looks lovely – like a finger post indeed and resting down low and unobtrusive on the ground.Our own Kieran Kelly and John Joe Hyland spent the whole day at the job. John Joe has played a very effective role on our behalf.

All trees are now sowed, staked and guarded against hares and rabbits. They look really well already as you can now see the layout by the stakes. There was clearly no need for use of any compost.

The soil was my Goodness, what a surprise! Deep and rich. The trees will prosper here everyone says. The use of the mini-digger was brilliant idea as not only did it save the work on us all but it loosened up all the surrounding ground for the roots to take advantage and establish to their hearts content.

The schoolchildren arrived and we had a group phots at the Abhallann stone and then in twos the stood at a tree with sprong and shovel and had their pics taken.

Also photographed individually and in various groups were the Hyland family, An tAthair Seamus de Vál. Bill Creedon, Caliste Murphy (née Dunphy), and our own Jimmy Adams.

I want to mention particularly John Breen of the Harrow (formerly Oulart) and Thomas Murphy . Clologue, who came to work voluntraily for the day and refused all offers to accept ant payment. These are the two men who cleaned Tulach a’ tSolais with the water pressure pump last Summer.

During the day we had a visit from an Army group from the 3rd Battalion in Steevens Barracks, Kilkenny, who were on a ’98 tour in Boolavogue, Oulart and Vinegar Hill.

This is one of the four main items on our agenda. And it is the second one completed. As John and kieran completed the clearance of Bessy Breen’s lane last Saturday. John is going to sptray part of when weather is suitable and then it is regarded as done.

My brother Henry is to fence off and complete the new lay-by for traffic on the Hill Lane next Saturday by agreement with the De Lacy family who donated the ground.”

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