Local Oulart Artists

We would like to draw attention to the talent of two local Oulart artists and to express appreciation for two of their beautiful paintings of our locality. Both artists clearly acknowledge what their own local place has to offer and bring those unique features to our attention in a new way so we also may look more deeply and see more clearly. That is a great gift.

Artist Artists

The sense of their own place, as shown in these paintings, is a healthy input to any community. We have need of it. Not everyone appreciates the beauty or the value of simple cleanliness of the one world where we must live. We still have someone regularly dumping rubbish on the Old Dublin Coach Road up near the Silte├ín. If art can move people’s hearts to ponder, and it can, then these artists and their works of imagination and beauty will help.

Martina Furlong came to live in the Lower Street in recent times and runs the PAINTBOX GALLERY there, while the established Joan Breen of Kilnamanagh now lives in Mayo. Martina’s abstract of Tulach a’ tSolais, acrylic on canvas, can now be seen on exhibition at ARTBANK, Bunclody (until 16 July) and Joan’s quite powerfully sombre Oulart Hill, in oils, are something for all Oulart people to be proud of.

We look forward to their continued success, we acknowledge what they are doing for the locality and we thank them for their lovely artistic works on Oulart’s exceptionally rich history.

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